Tove Wetland

Coot and chick

Situated along the banks of the River Tove on the northern edge of the Towcester, the Tove Wetland Pocket Park is a new addition to the pocket parks in Northamptonshire. The area is owned by Towcester Town Council, and much of it now forms part of the flood defences for the town by being allowed to flood (see photo gallery below), making it a rare and valuable habitat. Working with the Froglife charity has help to improve the biodiversity by the creation of new ponds, and a better management regime for the vegetation and the creation of a wild-flower meadow section add to the attractions for the park.

TW Common Frog 1

Common Frog

There is an abundance of flora and fauna that can be seen in the park, and a wide variety of species due to the different types of habitat there. The Old Railway embankment adjacent to the site has many large trees and has numerous rabbit holes and other mammals living there. The flood plain, now with the additional ponds, is a great habitat for frogs, toads, newts, and grass snakes. The River Tove which runs through the park has its own attractions for fish and other species, and the more formal part of the park, next to the housing, is yet another habitat for more urban wildlife, and includes a balance pond frequently used by waterfowl for breeding.

TW Broad Bodied Chaser 1

Broad Bodied Chaser

Among the insects that frequent the park are several types of dragonflies, due to the wet habitats. Recent sightings include the Broad Bodied Chasers, but there are always plenty of others, both small and large, that meet, mate, and lay their eggs in the water. There are a wide variety of birds from Wrens and Reed Buntings, to Grey Herons and Little Egrets, that also visit the park regularly. There are many other birds more likely to be seen in gardens, due to the proximity of the local housing, that visit the park too, and there have been sightings of less common species such as Kingfishers, and larger birds such as Buzzards, Red Kites, and Pheasants.

Tove Wetland Photo Gallery

TW Tove Floods 04_2_1 small

The floods

TW Comma  1_1

Comma Butterfly

TW Daffodils  1_2


TW Flower 1_2

Spring Flower

TW New Pond 1_1

New Pond

TW Bugs Life 1_1_2 small

“It’s in there somewhere”

TW Bugs Life 3_2_2 small


TW Ox-Bow 1_2

Ox Bow Lake

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