Water Meadows

There have been concerns over the cattle on the Water Meadows, with some local residents complaining about the area becoming more of a grazing pasture than an area of public open space. Some walkers have been scared off by the presence of the cows and reports of aggressive behaviour from some of the cows when they are protecting a calf. The issue has even made the local papers.

Our chairman, David Reed, is the Wildlife Trust member of the Water Meadows Management Committee. With the support of our groups committee, David has also voiced concerns over this issue at the regular meetings, as the area is ‘over-grazed’ and valuable natural habitats are being damaged and destroyed by the presence of the cattle for so long in the year. The original idea was to use the cows to remove some of the vegetation in an environmentally friendly way, but the extended presence of the cattle is now causing issues.

The damage cause by the tree fellers vehicles now appears to have been repaired and the track marks are recovering well. The wildlife in the area, especially around the Mill Stream, is doing well. Large families of Mallard ducks have been seen, and other birds such as the Nuthatch and Tree Creepers are regular visitors. The recent heavy rains have made walking the area a difficult task at times with slippery pathways, and the cows churning up the ground can add to the problems.

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